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Starting a business is a brilliant idea. The challenge is, there is a lot more to deal with than meets the eye. What business would you start? How would you handle sourcing for your stocks? How would you know if the product works? Starting a business is complex, but not today. ECO Trio Investments takes care of every aspect of market research and logistics, and all that is left for you to do is sell. Our shoes are stylish and unique and are handpicked to standout in the market, which makes it easy to sell. Make your move today by contacting us and join the journey to financial independence.

Why Shoes?

Health & Expression

Foot health and comfort is important. Going without shoes or wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause various health problems and infections. Good quality shoes prevent foot problems, alleviate foot pain, and protect against infections. Moreover, shoes accentuate a person’s fashion and style, which makes them stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Apply For a Business Loan?

Our process is straightforward. Download the application form on our website to start the process or Call us Today.


What Documentation is Involved?

Your application will need to be supported with business accounts showing evidence of your trading activities, copies of the last 6 month’s Bank Statements, ID card/Passport, and KRA PIN Certificate


How Do I Join as an Investment Partner?

To partner with us as an investor, please Download the Investment Application Form here or Call us Today.


Can I Get a Loan as a New Start Business?

Yes! If you have good credit and bank statements to prove it and have collateral to secure your loan, we will consider your application. Find out more about the collateral we’ll need here.

Our Story

We were often approached by people desperately seeking jobs or assistance. Instead of giving them one-time assistance, or jobs that we didn’t have, we provide them with shoes to sell so they could transform their lives and those of their families to financial independence…READ MORE

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